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PA Act 153 of 2014 has placed new requirements on volunteers regarding clearances and mandated reporter responsibilities effective 7/1/15. Any NEW volunteer approved by the league is required to comply with the following standards.

  1. Child Abuse Clearance: Complete online https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Clearances/Pages/PA-Child-Abuse-History-Clearance.aspx
  2. Pennsylvania State Police Clearance: Complete online at https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Clearances/Pages/Criminal-Background-Check.aspx
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance:
    • If you have been a continuous resident of the state of Pennsylvania for the past (10) ten years, you will need to sign the following Disclosure Statement in the presence of a PAYAL Executive Board Member. You are NOT required to be fingerprinted. 
    • If you are an out-of-state resident or have not been a continuous resident of the state of Pennsylvania for the past (10) ten years, you are REQUIRED to submit an FBI Fingerprint Clearance. The General cost is $21.85
  4. Lastly, ALL volunteers and persons associated with our league are considered Mandated Reporters, as per PA law under the category, "An individual paid or unpaid, who, on the basis of the individual's role as an integral part of a regularly scheduled program, activity, or service, accepts responsibility for a child." As a Mandated Reporter, you are responsible by law to report any suspected incidents of abuse either electronically at https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Clearances/Pages/FBI-Fingerprinting.aspx IDENTOGO.COM MUST HAVE CODE _1KG6ZJ_  or by calling 1-(844)321-2101. The penalties for Mandated Reporters who willfully fail to report suspected abuse range from a misdemeanor of the second degree to a felony of the second degree. Mandated Reporter training is available FREE online at:https://www.ilookout.org/login

*Please note that all PAYAL Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are REQUIRED to have a background screening NO LATER than the first practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!