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Field & Grounds

We play our games on a Varsity grade football field located in the both scenic and easily accessible Matamoras Airport Park. Our official 120 yard (including end zones) field offers stands for comfortable seating, food services and restrooms right at hand. The field is complete with numbered yard lines, hash marks and marked team zones. The official sized and professionally installed goal posts allow us to incorporate the kicking aspects of football into our Junior and Senior level games. We are also very proud of our professionally installed game lights which give us the ability to play night games. Many of the children have said that under those lights and on that field with all of the people cheering, they sometimes feel as if they were playing in the N.F.L. Our concession stand and restrooms are full service and open during all league events. The park also offers playground areas, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, hockey rink and river access. We have worked closely with the Matamoras Town Board and the Recreation Committee and would like to thank them for all of their support and encouragement.

Officials & Equipment

Every Junior and Senior Division game is officiated by paid, professional PIAA game officials. We have a large electronic scoreboard that keeps track of time, score, possession, quarter and time-outs. We also use official down and distance markers and chains. Again we would like to thank the Skyline Officials Association for their great help.

Clinics & Inter-League Participation

P.A.Y.A.L. places high priority on the instructional aspects of the game of football and cheerleading. Towards that goal, our practices, while very physical, are geared toward teaching. We are also very fortunate to have the Delaware Valley High School Football and Cheerleading Program's support, guidance and encouragement. They are truly interested in the young people in our area and they show it. Let's always remember to give them all of our support.

League Structure

P.A.Y.A.L. divides its cheerleading and football players into three divisions. Cheerleading is divided according to age and skill level. Football uses the same system but also accounts for the child's weight. All three levels are full gear with all the necessary football and cheerleading equipment provided by the league.

The three divisions are as follows:

1. Pee-Wee: 5, 6, and 7 years of age with no weight restrictions. Cheerleaders are taught basic cheers and learn beginner group routines. Very little or no stunting is included at this level. Football players are taught basic blocking skills, tackling skills and the fundamentals for offense and defense.

2. Junior: 8 & 9 years of age (maximum weight 105lbs for any position) and 10 years of age(under 85 lbs.) - Cheerleaders learn even more cheers. The group routines become more difficult and some stunting or mounts may be included depending on the abilities.  In Football all play is live and has full contact with the exception of scrimmage kicks. Kicked extra points (2 pts.) and field goals (3 pts.) are live ball plays from a tee. Basic skills are expected to be known. More complex offensive plays and defensive strategies are introduced at this level.

3. Senior: Eligible 10 year olds and all 11 &12 year olds (maximum weight 150lbs at starting week of the season). Cheerleaders have more complex routines which includes mounts and stunting. In Football, t this level, the intensity of play increases, requiring more focus and dedication to practice on each participant's part. Both the girls and boys are being prepared for their transition to the local area school programs.

ALL COACHES AT ALL LEVELS are required to undergo criminal background and child abuse checks through our league office. Coaches and parents are also expected to adhere to the Codes of Conduct at all times.